Thursday, January 22, 2015

Lore Hunter: Origins

Forgive the terrible title. I just really needed a post to kick this thing off, and act as the basis for why I am creating this blog. Simply put, the main function is to act as an archive as I explore the world of Bloodborne.

If you have played or know anything about Demon’s Souls or Dark Souls 1 & 2, you’ll probably know that these are game worlds with a rich mythology and lore, presented obtusely (as most things about these games are presented). For myself, the inscrutable storytelling of these games is what I love most, and with Bloodborne I get my first opportunity to explore one of these games before the internet has analyzed and dissected the games, and be part of the community exploring this strange new world. Even more exciting is that it is a new IP, giving someone like myself level playing field with the veterans of FROM Software lore diving.


Leading up to the release of the game, I will be posting summaries of what is known about the world of Bloodborne so far, and what lore and story questions are raised by this information. Honestly, I am just gobbling up every morsel that I’m being fed. Most of the pre-release content will be in an effort to create a foundation once the game is released and I can really sink my teeth into the lore.


Even typing the words “post-release” makes me excited. At that point, I’ll be diving headfirst into the game, enjoying it, trying to make sense of it all. To this end, the blog will be more or less a journal of my experience.

Well, that’s all for this post. If you’re actually taking a look at this blog right now, sorry for the rough nature of it all, but thanks for stopping by and please come back! The first step is the biggest one, and I just had to get this thing rolling.  Keep an eye here, as I have already written summaries for the available information at this point, and should be up pretty quickly.

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