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The Story So Far: The Cathedral District & The Church

This article covers the information released so far about the Cathedral District and the Church. For an overview about the story so far, see this article.

The Cathedral District & The Church

At the center of Yharnam, separated from the rest of the city by a cliff, is the Cathedral District. Named after the ancient cathedral within the district, it is characterized by the bridges and large streets connecting the area. It is in this district that the “disease of the beast” is treated, under control of the church using the “curative blood”1.

However, what happens when the disease is not treated and a ‘beast’ must be hunted? It is at this time that the church sends out the Church Giant, a lanky creature with pallid skin and a vacant expression. The citizens of Yharnam hide as they hear the ringing of the bell that hangs from its neck, signifying its approach.

Despite the church’s suppression of the disease, a dark rumour exists. One of the largest beasts, it is known as the Cleric Beast, for it is believed that members of the clergy who fall to the plague become this creature.

1 It is said in the description that the cathedral district is “home of a medical association that oversees the use of the ‘curative blood’” and that “The church controls treatment of the disease…”, so I am assuming the association and church are connected.


  • Does the Cleric Beast exist despite the church’s treatment of the disease, or was the Cleric Beast created under the church’s supervision? 
  • What is the nature of the “curative blood” and does it truly cure the beast plague? 
  • What is the Church Giant?

What questions do you have? Any information I missed? Let me know in the comments below.

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