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The Story So Far: Overview

This is the first installment and overview of the “The Story So Far” series of articles that will cover what story and lore information has been revealed before the release of Bloodborne in March 2015. The format of these articles will be to summarize the existing information, followed by questions that this information raises.

The Story So Far: Overview

The ancient city of Yharnam, built upon the underground ruins of a crypt for something not human, is known as a center of medical knowledge. People make pilgrimages to this remote city in the mountains in hopes of finding a cure for their illnesses from the renowned medical association in the Cathedral District. However, the “plague of the beast” as it is known runs rampant in Yharnam, seemingly despite the “curative blood” that the church in Yharnam possesses. The disease has already claimed the the old part of the Yharnam, called Oldtown, and it was burned to the ground as the disease overran the area. The Hemwick Graveyard is filling fast, and there are rumors of an eyeball collecting witch residing within the graveyard’s depths.

The outskirts of Yharnam only provide more mystery. The Forbidden Forest, named for the church’s decree that the citizens of Yharnam may not journey there, exists a town of people who were run out of Yharnam for unknown reasons, as well as the nesting grounds of a giant venomous snake. Out past the hills beyond Yharnam is the Cainhurst Castle, a long abandoned place once home to a family of nobles that disappeared suddenly. What secrets do these places hold, and what is their connection to the plague that ravages Yharnam?

It is in these conditions that the protagonist enters the scene. We are an outsider who seeks Yharnam for a cure. Upon arriving we meet Iosefka, who offers them Yharnam Blood to cure their illness. The transfusion is done, but at what price? After a horrific nightmare, we wake to find that they are now bound to strange creatures called the messengers. Death will not break this bond, and only returns us to the Dream Refuge, a place outside of reality where the messengers come from. The protagonist is now a Hunter, someone who hunts those who have succumbed to the beast plague, for reasons unknown.

Big Questions

These questions will be about the overall story and lore of Bloodborne, while questions pertaining to specific areas will be covered in their respective article.
  • Is there a cure for the “plague of the beast”?
  • What is the deal with the church and their role in all of this? 

Extra Questions

These questions are not specific to the revealed lore, but questions that I have based upon trailers and past Fromsoft games.

    • Who is the Lady with the chime seen in this trailer? There is a tiny blurb about her, but only that she is bad news when she rings that chime.
    • Who is the old man in the wheelchair from this trailer? Is he significant or is he just one of the old men in wheelchairs we fought in the alpha?
    • What are the messengers? What is the Nightmare World that the messengers are described as coming from?  What is the connection between the Hunters and messengers?
    • What is the lore explanation for death in Bloodborne? It is a small detail and one that many games don't address, but Miyazaki is known for his attention to detail and having lore explanations for game mechanics.
    • Could this symbol on the cover of the Bloodborne strategy guide be a reference to the Brand of Sacrifice from Berserk? If so, is this a mark the Hunters bear? Does this provide the connection to the messengers and the Nightmare World?

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