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Story Trailer Analysis Part 1: Trailer Transcript

The story trailer is filled with a ton of images that flash before your eyes before you can even comprehend what you're seeing. This article transcribes and the scenes of the trailer and explores what they might be revealing.

The following is part 1 of a 3 part analysis of the Bloodborne Story Trailer released by IGN. If you have not watched it yet, I highly recommend doing so before reading this. Also, if you are otherwise unfamiliar with what is known about the lore and story of Bloodborne so far, I recommend reading this overview before continuing.

Trailer Transcript

The following is a transcript of the trailer. While there is some analysis and speculation involved in creating the transcript, this part will focus mainly on documenting the events of the trailer. 

The elements of the video have been marked in the following ways:

Underlined text indicates new footage not seen prior to this trailer
Bold text indicates dialogue
Italicized text indicates speculation on my part

  • (:19-:31) Wall of 22 frameless pictures of various sizes nailed to a wall, focusing in on picture of Doll in profile. 
  • Doll: Welcome home, good hunter. What is it you desire?
  • (:31) Doll kneels in front of a tombstone with flowers growing and put her hands together as if praying, in the Hunter’s Dream. 
  • (:31) Beast in Central Yharnam strung up and being burned. 
  • (:32) Bestial man growling with spit coming out of it’s mouth. 
  • (:32) Return to beast being burned. 
  • (:33-:34) Yharnam in the day, hazy sky. View of a gate in the foreground. In the background is the clock tower and buildings with active chimneys. A bell tolls. 
  • (:35-:38) The protagonist walking through a dark alley, with the view panning up toward the clock tower in the distance, presumably the same time of day as the previous scene. 
  • (:38-:41) The protagonist walks toward a stroller, the sound of a baby crying can be heard. 
  • (:41-:47) The protagonist laying beside fountain. Sunlight hits them, stirring them awake 
  • Iosefka: Yharnam is the home of blood ministration.
  • (:47-:49) The protagonist opens a pair of ornate double doors to a large room with large windows at the opposite end and an ornate chandelier hanging from the ceiling. This could be the Yharnam cathedral. 
  • Iosefka: You need only to unravel its mystery.
  • (:50-:56) Iosefka beside you to your right talking as you lay on transfusion table, view panning up to view the ceiling and the Yharnam blood container. 
  • Iosefka: But where's an outsider like yourself to begin? Easy, with a bit of Yharnam blood of your own. 
  • (:56-1:02) View of picture wall, panning from Doll picture to a picture of Iosefka transfusing the protagonist, who cries out in pain as they are injected. 
  • Iosefka: Whatever happens, you may think it all a mere bad dream.
  • (1:02-1:03) Back to Iosefka beside you at the clinic as transfusion clouds your vision 
  • (1:03) Iosefka beside you to the left. The opposite side as the last shot, perhaps indicating a passage of time. 
  • (1:03-1:04) Out of focus shot from the ground, something or someone walking away out of a door. 
  • (1:04) Unfocused, appears to be light to the left. 
  • (1:04) Back to someone/something walking away out of a door. 
  • (1:04) Blood-covered beast bursting into flame. 
  • (1:04) Clawed hand reaching out with something misty white bursting forth. 
  • (1:05-1:08) Messengers crawling over you as you lay on the transfusion table. 
  • (1:08-1:09) Blood-covered beast covered in blood reaching out in the same motion as the hand at 1:04 as you lay on transfusion table. 
  • (1:09-1:10) Back to messengers crawling over you on transfusion table. 
  • (1:10-1:12) Blood-covered beast reeling back as they are engulfed in flames. 
  • Picture of Gascoigne (standing with gun and axe in hand) on wall, panning past Doll...
  • Gascoigne: Long ago old Yharnam was overrun by the plague of beasts and left to rot and decay and now the only voices heard there are the howls of beasts.
  • (1:12-1:24) ...panning to another picture of Gascoigne bearing his teeth and growling. In both picture he wears a necklace that bears a strong resemblance to the chandelier in :47-:49. Symbol of the church of Yharnam? 
  • (1:24) Moving through the grass, rapidly approaching the protagonist who is walking through a grassy field surrounded by rocky cliffs, appears to be day. Quick flash of an eye. 
  • (1:24-1:25) Bony hand holding a staff, view of a seat covered with snow on the arm with snow blowing in the background. The snow potentially implies the setting is Cainhurst Castle. 
  • (1:25) The protagonist peering over the edge of a rocky cliff. The setting looks to be the same as the previous grass scene in 1:24. Quick flash of an eye. 
  • (1:25) The protagonist falling off the cliff they were just peering over in the previous scene, possibly as a result of whatever creature's point of view we were looking from in 1:24. 
  • (1:26-1:30) Gascoigne killing a townsperson, turning with teeth beared. 
  • (1:30-1:31) Townspeople in Yharnam walking away at dusk/dawn, messengers appearing from a portal in the ground. 
  • (1:31-1:32) Church giant walking in the same location as the protagonist opening the doors in :47-:49. Perhaps the Yharnam Cathedral
  • (1:32-1:35) Mob in Central Yharnam at night burning a beast. 
  • (1:35-1:37) View of Witches in Hemwick Graveyard at dusk/dawn. Maybe they are doing some sort of ritual. 
  • (1:37-1:38) Bell tolls, view of a statue with arms in front, palms up, and a distorted/no face. 
  • (1:38-1:40) The Protagonist walking in the same place (Yharnam Cathedral) as in :47-:49. This view shows the chandelier, statues, and columns. 
  • (1:40) Bookshelves at unknown location (possibly Hemwick, see 1:41) with an ambiguous shadow cast against it. 
  • (1:40) Shoulder and hair of unknown person/creature accompanied by a growl and spit issuing forth from a mouth outside the scene. 
  • (1:41) Unfocused view of columns and a door. 
  • (1:41) View of stone wall inset with eyes. Spiders on the ground on the left (potentially made of an eye), and the beginning of the bookshelves from 1:40 on the right, with a shadow moving across them. Eyes possibly imply this location to be the Old Witch’s mansion in Hemwick Graveyard. 
  • (1:42-1:45) Picture of a woman in profile kneeling in an unknown location (a shrine of some sort) with columns and an alcove holding a pendant of some kind. 
  • (1:45-1:49) View of the woman from the previous picture from behind, revealing she is kneeling before a shrine of some sort. 
  • Woman (Unknown): Our thirst for blood satiates us, soothes our fears but beware the frailty of man.
  • (1:49-1:51) Shadow of the same woman writhing, transforming, and howling.
  • (1:51-1:53) In an unknown location  with stone archways in the background. screeching and rearing back. The Thirsty Beast is rearing back and screeching.
  • (1:53) The Cleric Beast landing before the protagonist in Central Yharnam at night. 
  • (1:53-1:56) The protagonist transforming weapon into scythe and challenging two beasts in Central Yharnam. 
  • (1:56-1:57) The protagonist in the Chalice Dungeon ambushed by a bestial man wielding a blade and a torch. 
  • (1:57-2:02) Picture of the protagonist wielding a saw cleaver and standing before a domed building. 
  • Man in Chair (Unknown): The blood makes us human, makes us more than human, makes us human no more.
  • (2:02) Unfocused view from above of a man in a chair in a room with papers scattered all over and a staircase. 
  • (2:02) The protagonist is opening the gate to Central Yharnam. 
  • (2:02) Unfocused view of a lamppost or stand with an archway in the background. 
  • (2:02) The protagonist walking in Yharnam at dusk transforming the saw cleaver. 
  • (2:02-2:05) The man in the wheelchair with covered eyes sitting in a low-lit room holding an ornamental staff. 
  • (2:05-2:07) The Raven hunter in Yharnam at dusk transforming warped blades. 
  • (2:07-2:09) The Raven hunter fighting beast in Central Yharnam at night. 
  • (2:09-2:10) The protagonist performing a visceral attack on a large human enemy. 
  • (2:10-2:12) The protagonist fighting two angry mob enemies. 
  • (2:12-2:16) The protagonist fighting the Cleric Beast. 
  • (2:16-2:18) The protagonist fighting witches at Hemwick Graveyard. 
  • (2:18-2:20) The protagonist fighting a Candle Giant in the Chalice Dungeon. 
  • (2:20-2:26) Picture of Doll with her hands together in the Hunter’s Dream. Seems to be the picture of the scene from :31. 
  • Doll: Good hunter, your presence somehow soothes. What is it you desire?
  • (2:26-2:29) Doll in the Hunter’s Dream at night standing in the garden/graveyard. 
  • (2:29-2:32) Cleric Beast screeching, grasping protagonist. It is night in Yharnam. 
  • Doll: And so the hunt begins again.
  • (2:32-2:40) Picture of Protagonist’s back in signature pose, red patches blossoming on their shoulders.
Part 2 of the analysis focuses on information and hints derived from the analysis in Part 1, highlighting and speculating on the importance of the new footage from this trailer. You can find Part 2 here.

Part 3 of the analysis focuses on analyzing the dialogue from the trailer and deconstructing the narrative to figure out what story the trailer is telling. You can find part 3 here.

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