Monday, March 23, 2015

The Nightly Hunt Begins!

You've found yourself a Hunter.

Greetings! If you've noticed that the site has been a bit quiet after the recent overhaul, I assure you that it is only the calm before the storm. At the time I am posting this, tens of thousands of Hunters are waiting anxiously for Bloodborne to launch at midnight. Like many of these Hunters, I have not partaken in watching or engaging in discussion about the leaked game play that has cropped up over the last week. While I fully engaged in pre-release speculation of officially released information, I wanted to save the truly juicy parts for myself during my first playthrough. 

I want to explore the story and lore of Yharnam with only the vaguest notion of how it will unfold, and make the experience truly my own. To this end, I wouldn't be The Lore Hunter if I did not try and squeeze every bit of lore and story during my first playthrough.

This is where The Nightly Hunt begins. As I play through the game, I will be taking copious notes, which I will be uploading to the site to archive the experience. I am really excited to approach the game like a detective, trying to piece it all together (and to have a record of how bad of a job I do making sense of all of it). Either way, I think there is something really interesting and entertaining about getting insight into someone else's experience and thoughts, so I hope this record will be both for all of you.

I encourage others to document their take on the story and lore as they play through the game. Feel free to send it on to me, and I would be happy to include it on the site.

Happy Hunting!

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