Thursday, April 2, 2015

3 Things the Healing Church Doesn’t Want You to Know About the Unseen

Out of sight, out of mind.

The Healing Church wants you to believe the residents of Yahar’gul are evil monsters. Well last time I checked, we are all kind of monsters, and the Healing Church is no exception (looking at you, Amelia). I think the Healing Church is jealous of the Unseen, evidenced by these 3 things about the Unseen that the Healing Church has been keeping from us.

1. The Unseen Are Shy At First
We are told the Unseen skulk in the shadows, and even that they are straight up invisible. Truth is, they’re just shy at first. Wouldn’t you be shy if your whole city had been convinced to hate you?

A prime example of being shy

2. The Unseen Are Not Trying to Kidnap You, They Want to Be Your Friend
It’s easy for things to get tense when two cultures don’t understand each other, and this is a great example of that. In Yahar’gul, you let someone know you want to be friends by stuffing them in a bag and putting them in a cell. We immediately jump to the conclusion we are being kidnapped, but if you take a look you’ll notice the cell isn’t even locked and they are all waiting in the next room to hang out with you. It’s alright, they forgive you.

A friendly Unseen greeting
3. The Unseen Are Party Animals
This might be the secret about the Unseen the Healing Church is most desperate to keep from us. The Unseen love to party! You think that bell is sinister? No way! The Chime Chicks are trying to bring the party to you! The Healing Church are the ultimate party poopers, and they despise how much fun the Unseen are having.

Gotta have more sinister bell!

In Conclusion...
I know I won’t change those who are stuck in their ways, but I hope this article makes you think twice next time you are being shoved into a bag or come across a cosmic disco ball. After all, we have yet to see…

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