Wednesday, August 5, 2015

An Update

The Lore Hunter is dead.

Just kidding. Sorry for that piss poor and factually incorrect statement.  It could almost be believed though. If you’ve have taken a look at the site in the last couple months new content has been nowhere to be found. 

While this is a labor of love, and therefore one I am not really obligated to keep up with, I do apologize that I’ve fallen down on this. Truth is, I needed a break from the world of Yharnam, and it was completely my own fault. Whilst the game had only been out for a couple of months as my posting came to a halt, I had tracked Bloodborne doggedly since fall of the previous year, spending an embarrassing number of hours  on a game that had not been released.

When it did come out, those first couple of months were awesome, and we got some truly amazing lore content in that time. Not to belittle anything that has come out since June, but those first couple months were so good that, honestly, I wasn’t finding as much distinct content that broke new ground on the lore. The big questions have more or less been answered. Don’t take that as an insult to Bloodborne either, as it is my opinion that Bloodborne has the strongest and most compelling lore of any Souls game. I just mean that I think Bloodborne tells a pretty complete story, and until new content opens up new questions, I think there are some really brilliant interpretations of the lore posted on the site. There are plenty of details in the game that are still left to discuss, however. It is here where I will take full responsibility for being lazy and that I really just needed some time to play a lot of Rocket League and do other things that don’t involve being on a computer or in front of a screen.

But I am back now. After a great discussion with CJ of Twin Humanities in which I described what makes Bloodborne my favorite Souls games, I found myself strolling back into Yharnam. There should be new content following within the next week, and with any luck this will coincide conveniently with a DLC announcement.

While I may have been gone, I noticed that the pageviews kept more or less consistent, which was an extremely humbling thing to see. This blog has only ever aspired to be a cool place to come and find out what Bloodborne is about, and it seems to be doing exactly that.

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