Sunday, October 11, 2015

Soul of the Lore Hunter Announcement Post


I am very excited to announce that I am creating a Dark Souls 3 lore blog, Soul of the Lore Hunter! If you’ve visited my Bloodborne lore blog, The Lore Hunter, you will find that it will follow a very similar format. If you are unfamiliar with what how my lore blogs work, I will explain it to you. 

What is Soul of the Lore Hunter? 

Soul of the Lore Hunter is a blog that  dedicated to collecting and archiving the community lore content (videos, articles, podcasts, etc.) created for Dark Souls 3. The content will be organized by topic (areas, NPCs, Bosses, etc.) so that you can easily search for content pertaining to a specific subject. If you are generally interested in discovering what lore content the community is making, the front page will also show the most recently posted articles.  New content will also appear on the Soul of the Lore Hunter Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr pages.

This is a passion project that began with Bloodborne. I love how the Soulsborne games tell their stories. The indirect, environmental storytelling presents a mystery for you to solve. Even when you have pieced together the basics of the plot, the games only present part of the story, leaving you to fill in the gaps with your imagination. This has lead to an extraordinary community that creates wonderful videos and writes amazing articles presenting their interpretation of the games as they see it. For me, reading and watching how others interpret these games is as much of the experience as playing them. I found my Bookmarks overflowing with videos and articles, creating a treasure trove of great Soulsborne content coming from half a dozen sites and dozens of individuals. That was when I thought: Why doesn’t someone gather this content and put it into one place? It was at that point that The Lore Hunter, which was at that time a blog I created to document my own Bloodborne lore content, became a site dedicated to providing an easy way to find the Bloodborne lore content of the entire community. Now I am creating a site to do the same for Dark Souls 3.

What is Soul of the Lore Hunter doing Pre-release?

Dark Souls 3 is scheduled to release in April 2016, so what am I doing announcing the blog now? For The Lore Hunter, I posted pre-release speculation and information about stated inspirations for Bloodborne. I have decided personally that I am going “dark” for Dark Souls 3, so I will not be posting pre-release speculation. However, being the third installment of the Dark Souls series, there is a lot of history and lore from these two games that could (and most likely will) be valuable to know for Dark Souls 3. To this end, I invite you to join me in “The Hunt”.

“The Hunt: Dark Souls 1” will begin on November 2nd. This will be a series of posts covering the narrative and lore of Dark Souls 1. Each post will cover one area in the game, explaining the story and lore of that area using community content created for the area by myself and others. Posts will be made weekly on Monday and Thursday, with “The Hunt: Dark Souls 1” concluding at the end of the year. “The Hunt: Dark Souls 2” will begin in January at the start of the year, and will follow the same format.

These "hunts" are intended to serve as a refresher for those who are veterans to the series, and act as a guide for newcomers to the Dark Souls games. The posts will be written to be understood even if you are not playing the games, although the optimal way to experience the series would be to play through the areas as you read the posts. To make this easier, I will announce at the end of each post which area will be covered next.

I imagine there is an audience that likes the idea of the blog and everything going on pre-release and post-release, but doesn’t think they will remember (or want) to check in periodically. That is no problem. You can follow the blog on 
the Soul of the Lore Hunter FacebookTwitter, and Tumblr pages if that is more convenient.

At this point I’ve written plenty about what I intend on doing, so now I’m going to go do it. I look forward to kicking things off in a few weeks, and I hope you join me on the hunt! 

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