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DLC Speculation: Wild Speculation on The Old Hunters, Rom, Gehrman, the Mysterious Hunter, and the Clocktower's true purpose

I am guilty of forgetting to post a really fun piece of DLC speculation written by dmcredgrave on /r/bloodborne in this post. Everything written below, as well the post image, are from him, with changes only being made to reflect the difference in format.

Even though I neglected to post it when it was released, It is the perfect time to post because the Old Hunters releases one week from today!
This post offers some speculation about the Old Hunters and the significance of some images from the trailer and the identity of the hunter shown in the Astral Clocktower.
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Hello. Well, assuming everyone isn't sick and tired of people offering their thoughts on the Old Hunter's trailer, here's some complete lunacy mass guessing of mine based on the content to be found in the trailer. Be sure to don your tinfoil hat in order to prevent the Great Ones from stealing your brainwaves.
For starters, we see early in the trailer a depiction of four statues (editor's note: shown above), three of which are clearly adults and one of which appears to be a child. The figure in the center seems, to me at least, to be a blatant depiction of Master Willem, as his headdress is unique in the game. It leads further questions as to the identity of the other two figures, but quite honestly I don't care about them; what I am interested in is the child on the altar.
For those of you who may have read my essay The Paleblood Hunt you might be aware that I spend a great deal of time in the beginning discussing Rom, the Vacuous Spider. As I note, the word Vacuous refers to something which is empty, or blank. While many people attribute this to the pre-transformation Rom as being a simpleton or an invalid, I believe that Rom was a child, specifically the child of Willem and Ebrietas, either metaphorically or literally. John Locke reminds us that children are born tabula rasa, blank slates that are shaped by their environments and experiences. In Miyazaki's interview with FuturePress he noted that there are certain children in the universe of Bloodborne which are considered special, and these special children are used as lures for the Great Ones. Many people associate this line with Mergo and the Mensis ritual, however the School of Mensis is a recreation of Byrgenwerth, their entire practice is to try and recreate the success of Master Willem. "As you once did for the Vacuous Rom, grant us eyes." These four statues are therefore a depiction of whatever ritual was performed in which Master Willem ascended Rom into an advanced state of Kin of the Cosmos, the successful ritual in which he and his daughter were granted eyes on the inside.
The second part of my wild speculation involves the Clocktower and the mysterious hunter who appears before it. For starters, I would like to reference a wonderful thread by /u/xIkki in which he or she notes the similarities between the Hunter and the Plain Doll. Whatever figure seated before the Clocktower appears to be a person who may have been the inspiration behind the Plain Doll. We know that Gehrman had an obsession with the doll, and an intense affection for it. It may be that this woman seated before us was the original object of Gehrman's affection or infatuation, or simply one of his closest friends who no doubt had an unfortunate end. When this mysterious hunter perished, Gehrman descended into depression and loneliness and was preyed upon by the Great Ones who took advantage of his madness and enslaved him, creating the Hunter's Dream as we know it today.
So who is this figure? Why it's Runesmith Carryl. Carryl is never referenced with either male or female pronouns, but Carryl is one of the most absolutely important figures in Bloodborne's lore. For such an unbelievably important figure, it's a rather large shame that she never appears in the game. When we look at the Clocktower behind the seated hunter, we can see on the edges many of the runes carved into it. There are no numbers or runes which might indicate a time of day, instead there are the Carryl runes, the utterings of the Great Ones which Carryl sketched into visible symbols. This is not a clocktower at all, it's a device which Carryl designed and used in order to first commune with the Great Ones which dwell in the Cosmos. The Formless Oedon rune makes several appearances on the clocktower's design, and it's possible that Carryl even managed to speak with the Formless Great One, a being which exists only in voice. This would certainly explain the appearance of the Winter Lanterns, after all. When one gazes into the abyss, the abyss gazes back.
Of course, this could all be complete and utter bullshit, but it's fun to think about as we wait for the expansion to hit, right?

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