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Explanation for Gascoigne's Daughter Quest

The following was originally written here. All credit for the content of this post goes to Butterynugs, with only minor changes being made to reflect the difference in format.

So I was finishing up things I missed on my first play-through and I really paid attention to how this quest ended. Here is what I think.

It's obvious that child Gascoigne tried to get to wherever you sent her and is eaten by the pig since you find the red ribbon from killing it. After you kill Rom, what is assumed is her sister is waiting in the Gascoigne residence. Except I don't think the person you're talking to after the Rom fight is another Gascoigne daughter like the new person in the window says. Rather, this new person is lying to you so you don't question why shes in there to begin with.

This new little girl is looking for something having realized nobody was home. What she was looking for is the Ribbon. When you walk away, you can hear clearly that she laughs and is overjoyed that she finally got said ribbon. Why would she climb down the ladder or commit suicide? Why would you be "away" during a night like this having left the house to the first person we helped? You couldn't venture too far without dying I bet.

My wife said "Everyone thinks she committed suicide out of grief". I put on my detective hat and looked around the area for clues. If she didn't commit suicide...why did she try to go down? I look around the closest neighbor. I realize there's a ribbon on the door. Oh! that's just a coincidence though right? This seemingly wooden carved ribbon just sitting on this door was probably copied? I look around at other houses near by. None look like that. This, i'm guessing, is the only door with a ribbon engraving.

The new little girl broke into Gascoignes house when nobody was home for awhile, looked for the ribbon, you arrive and give it to her, she gets happy, tries to get back home after you leave, gets seen by the giant (try climbing down without aggro without use of any special items) and got rekt. The reason why he didnt see her to begin with climbing up or was too slow is that you can approach that ladder from behind (from her house) and climb up before he can get a hit on you. take out your torch and check out the door behind the giant thats waiting at the bottom of the ladder. Theres a big wooden ribbon right there. I'm guessing thats her house. I'm not really sure of the back story but maybe it was simply just a jealous neighbor or jealous friend.

Not really important stuff but the attention to detail the developers have shown with other things (signs into hemwick above cave entrance. Thanks EnB!) convinces me that this is how it went down.

Anyway, thanks for reading or entertaining the idea! I tried searching to see if anyone posted anything about this yet and i didnt see anything recently. Sorry if I missed it.

Edit: wow, I didn't expect anyone to care too much about this but some have brought up even more interesting clues regarding this quest.

Br1zix mentions that you can hear "So cold, dear sister" at the bottom of the stairs. There's a lot of audio that isn't subtitled. The prayer before Vicar fight for example about old blood. After listening to the giant for awhile, the audio might even be "So called, "Dear sister". Listen for yourself and tell me what you think!

Muirenne has pointed out that the lantern isn't lit with incense at the bottom of the stairs. Perhaps the tenants are gone or are beasts already?

Laurence- mentioned that her sister is excluded from the list of people the first daughter loves. Maybe she just simply doesn't love her or maybe they're not even related.

G-H-O-S-T points out there the first girl we speak with doesn't mention her sister at all. And says "i'm all alone" She mentioned her mom going out...why not her sister too? it's just odd how that somehow wasn't mentioned. The fact you can tell her where to go and she STILL doesn't mention her sister, while being left to watch the house. You'd think she'd say something to the effect of "But I told my sister i'd look after the house. I have to wait for her to come back" nope. nothing. Suspicious.

Uthred pointed out that game credits contradict this theory. I agree with that and that was going to be my next question. "What does From have her listed as?" It could be a means of IDing her without giving away the plot or spoiling it. For example, calling her "Lying girl that is really shady" could just take all the fun out of it since its not a forced story-line quest. Perhaps the developers could not assume you ran into her. Uthred goes on to mention that the devs aren't against spoilers in the credits. The example being "Iosfeka Impostor". Still, something weird is going on. Too many odd things next to each other. It brings up more questions than answers.

**Edit 2: Cosmic-Vagabond brought up an interesting idea. That Henryk is actually Grandad. Through item descriptions, we can see that Henryk and Gascoigne go "way back". Little kids call friends of the family "Uncle" and the such all the time. So this is a possibility. (Thanks again Epicnamebro!)

***Edit 3: The Henryk thing really has me thinking. Let's assume Grandad is Henryk and Grandad is being used as a term of endearment. How could this girl from another house still be called "sister" yet slip the mind of a young person that is scared? Maybe this other girl is Henryk's granddaughter. Maybe they just disliked eachother because theyre forced to be friends. I remember reading somewhere Henryk is old. Old compared to who? Gascoigne? That's probably why "Grandad" is used instead of "Uncle". This would make her a sister type figure in the young girls life. I know this is all a stretch but it still seems plausible.

****Edit 4: MozeoSLT brings up an interesting Idea that would explain the "So cold, Dear sister" that can be heard at the bottom of the ladder from what we're assuming is the giant. Maybe the giant is her real sister and clings to a statue out of confusion. Thinking it's actually her sister. Imposter gets killed by this giant for stealing the Ribbon. It's still confusing how the first girl we spoke to fails to mention anything about having a sister at all. Another stretch on my own end could be this is a reference to how the Butchers in DS1 ended up being women when we assumed they were male when the game came out. Maybe those giant monsters could be women? I doubt it but it's still something to think about.

****Edit 5: exzeroex mentions that the older sister could just be really into the blood because shes turning during the red moon. My wife mentioned this recently too. The Ribbon had blood on it. She was guessing that the older sister, while crying, was holding this *blood soaked ribbon and the blood had some sort of effect on her after only a few seconds of close contact. I can see this playing into the whole lore idea that this curse/plague brings out the worst primal instincts in people. Or maybe makes them honest in a way. I think a lot of people have dark thoughts sometimes. Most don't act on anything though through self control. Maybe the blood taps into some very nasty stuff within yourself if your will isn't strong.

corrupted_sky brings up the fact that if you choose not to do anything at the beginning of the game for this quest, all you can hear is "Shh" upon trying to engage in dialog after the moon turns red and hangs low. I think this could be taken a couple of different ways based on your own disposition.

There's a few ways this could have went down. I used to think the giant was grandad but after the Henryk theory, I find myself believing that the latter is more plausible. But thats all just speculation, a lot of this actually is. Either way, it's really fun to fill in the gaps with logic where you can. Using your imagination and getting a conversation going is really great.

Thanks a lot everyone! Good stuff in here. Kind of a reminder that this village used to have their own drama/lives that were outside of the kin and beasts plot.

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