Monday, April 4, 2016

In Defense of Iosefka

The following content was originally created in this thread in /r/bloodborne. All credit for the content of this post goes to DezoPenguin, with only minor changes being made to reflect the difference in format.

I try not to pick favorites, as I love all my children. However, this piece is particularly great, in large part because the structure of the post is endlessly delightful. Be warned, it is a longer read, but one that is wholly worth your time.

via Maximus_Realiuson Reddit
In devouring lore videos and posts like a Rabid Dog after hunter legs, I came across a particular theory that rather rubbed me the wrong way; one, moreover, that was showing up in the work of people whose ideas and content I greatly respect. It wasn't that I necessarily thought this idea was "wrong," per se, but that I found it...unsatisfying, in terms of what it did to the narrative.

So, being both a lore wonk and a lawyer, I did what any sane person in my position would do: I wrote a twelve-page essay attempting to analyze the evidence against and stand up for the honor of a character who is not even my choice of waifu (or what would be more important, my wife's waifu). And thus I invite you to pull up a chair, pour out a couple of pungent blood cocktails and read:

Warning: The Healing Church has determined that consuming DezoPenguin text walls with Sedatives can be hazardous to your health

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