Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Bloodborne: BL4 & Lore 5 - Darkbeast Paarl & Hemwick Charnel Lane

In "BL4 & Lore", I attempt to do my first base level run in Bloodborne while sharing the story and lore content I’ve collected on The Lore Hunter.

In episode 5 I continue the fight with Darkbeast Paarl. Then I attempt a relatively surmountable hike between the Abandoned Old Workshop and Hemwick Charnel Lane, and that's where the trouble starts...

Opening Song: 'Cleric Beast' by Liam McCann

For Bloodborne story & lore content: http://www.thelorehunter.com.

Lore Links:

As mentioned before, I was a Tired Boy™ during recording, and not much lore happened. But, here are a few great clicks to make up for that.

Aegon of Astora talks in great depth about some of the areas I visit in today's episode in "Bloodborne, Let's Talk Lore #04: A Hunter Must Hunt" - https://youtu.be/EgLwTWfDj-w

Also, check out NeoLoki's channel because he makes wonderful and expressive Bloodborne videos - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzsO...

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  1. Bloodborne is such an amazing game and I think it is one of the best games for the PS4. Thanks for making a video on it. Enjoyed it thoroughly.